Mahnomen County, Minnesota
Information Contributed by Jim Benson

Listed below are all the cemeteries in Mahnomen County of which I am aware. If you know of other cemeteries, burial places or family plots, please contact me. If you have transcribed a cemetery and would like to share that list, or, if you have the information for your ancestors, please send it and I will publish it on this page. If you can provide directions to any of these cemeteries, I would also like to add that information. I welcome your contributions. Just e-mail the information to me.

NameMap Coordinates
(see map below)
Location & Comments
Bejou Cemetery1300/1400North of Bejou on the west side of 59.
Duane Cemetery2100/2200Beaulieu, MN, North of Hwy 200 on county road 3.
Duane Baptist Cemetery1600/2400 SE of county roads 1 and 3 and about a quarter mile east of the road along a farm field. It was a Baptist Church Cemetery, but no church currently exists.
First Lutheran Cemetery2300/1350 Mahnomen, MN, West side of town on county road 10.
Free Gospel Alliance Cemetery2600/3050Naytahwaush, MN.
Pine Bend Cemetery1500/3200SE of Lengby
Riverside Cemetery2400/1300Mahnomen, MN, SW of town on county road 10.
Saint Agnes's Cemetery (Catholic)1300/3000Near Island Lake, Lengby, MN, on the West side of county road 4 South of Lengby.
Saint Anne's Cemetery (Catholic)2600/3050Naytahwaush, MN
St Annes' Cemetery3200/1600Waubun, MN, on the West side of 59 just North of Hwy 113.
Saint Joseph's Cemetery (Catholic) 2300/2200 Affiliated with St. Joseph's Church of Beaulieu. Beaulieu, MN. It is South of Hwy 200 on county road 3 situated on the North side of Church Lake.
Saint Michael's Cemetery2400/1400Mahnomen,MN, South of town on county road 5
Samuel Memorial Cemetery (Episcopal)2600/3000Naytahwaush, MN
Waubun Cemetery3300/1600Also known as Mahnomen cemetery and located on the west side of Highway 59, 1/2 mile south of Hwy 113. It is 1/2 mile north of the Becker/Mahnomen County line. It was originally thought to be in Becker County, but now it has been clarified as being in Mahnomen County.
Wicksburg or Wickburg Cemetery1400/2400 NE of county roads 1 and 3. It is adjacent to the Hier Town Hall building. The cemetery actually has a sign that says "Duane Cemetery," but that is incorrect.
-2350/1550Mahnomen, MN, SE of town, East side of Hwy 59.
-2200/1700Mahnomen, MN, West of Mahnomen on Hwy 200 and county road 135 next to a village hall building.
-3300/2100Hwy 113 and county roads 13 & 113
Note: Lengby is not in Mahnomen County and is just off the map at 1000/3000... it is located just south of Hwy 2 in Polk county, but is probably the best reference point for locating Pine Bend and St. Agnes's Cemeteries.
Anderson Cemetery-Elbow lake at the Mahnomen, Becker & Clearwater county borders
Ebro Cemetery-On the reservation just east of the Mahnomen County Line.
Perch Lake Cemetery-This Rice Lake cemetery may lie in Clearwater County rather than Mahnomen
Walworth Cemetery-Walworth Baptist Church and its cemetery are located on the SW corner of the county. It may actually be located in Becker or Norman County.

Indian burial grounds are located throughout the White Earth Reservation which includes all of Mahnomen County and parts of Clearwater and Becker Counties. Many of these are on private or tribal land. They may be traditional family plots and more private in nature than what many people think of as public cemeteries.

Cemeteries are marked with a cross.