Sandy contributed the information and photos for this page. Those who are interested in people buried at the Duane Cemetery may want to check out the Sheppard page of her site which features the Goodwins, Porters, and LaPrairies.

The town of Duane no longer exists, but it once lay north of Beaulieu, about the location of this cemetery. The town of Duane was named for Rev. Duane Porter. He is listed in the Memoirs of the Methodist Church - 1945 (found at the Minnesota History Center Library). That book lists his birth in 1850, his death in 1944, and his burial at the cemetery near Pine Bend Church.

The Duane Cemetery may have, at one time, been affiliated with the Episcopalian denomination.

It is located on land now owned by the Winkler family.
Directions are: Travel to Beaulieau, Minnesota on White Earth Indian Reservation. Then drive seven to eight miles north on #3. There is a bale shed on the right (east) side of the road. A dirt road on the north side of the shed leads to the cemetery.

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___, Lottie C18871937?The stone is in good shape, but it was wet when photographed and image is very difficult to read.
___, Emma B-July 21 1900
Aged 5 Yrs
___, Ida A.-Feb 24 1895 Aged 5 Yrs-
BRUSVEN, Ida19361996-
BUNKER, Wilmer JamesOct 23 1910Aug 22 19??-
FAIRBANKS, Clement B.1888?1980-
FAIRBANKS, Myron W.Oct 18 1915Apr 3 2001Tec 5 US Army World War II
FARLEY, Ida "Shorty" GoodwinOct 20, 1937Dec 1, 1997 Mother Grandmother Forever Together
GOODWIN, Henry H.18671942-
GOODWIN, Susan18691934-
GOODWIN, a large upright stone with "Goodwin" near the top and Frank G. and, below that in two boxes side by side, are Frank G. and Ida C. with their years. The two following stones are flat on the ground.
GOODWIN, Father Frank G.Feb. 20, 1882Dec. 28, 1966h/o Ida
GOODWIN, Mother Ida C.March 3, 1892April 12, 1983w/o Frank
GOODWIN, Todd CharlesApril 30 1968July 27 1994 Beloved Son Father Brother, Forever In Our Hearts
On the gravestone is the image of a soaring eagle and a photograph of the deceased, assumed.
GOODWIN, Todd19681994-
GOODWIN, Alfred J.March 22 1900June 7 1967h/o Angeline
Minnesota Pvt Btry A 27 AAA Repl Bn World War II
GOODWIN, Alfred J.
funeral home marker
GOODWIN, Angeline
funeral home marker
18931967w/o Alfred
GOODWIN, Bermin P.19421988Our Loved One
GOODWIN, Christopher A.Jan. 22, 1962April 23, 1991Forever In Out Hearts
GOODWIN, Daniel C.Oct 4, 1952Aug 2, 1996 Beloved Son Brother Father
On the gravestone are images of a train engine and the head of a horse.
GOODWIN, Everett W. Sr.Nov 18, 1913Oct 20, 1997 Beloved Husband Father Grandpa
On the gravestone are images of a lumber truck and the head of a horse.
GOODWIN, Mar?elleJuly 19 1905July 26 1905Son of Nelson & Melinda Goodwin
GOODWIN, Scott DApr 6 1930Oct 17 1993Pvt US Marine Corps Korea
GOODWIN, SimonJune 29, 1898Mar 11, 1982-
NASON, Manely H.May 13 1863Jan 29 192?1?-
NASON, Agnes FloraMay ?? ????Jan ?...-
PORTER, GracieFeb 20 1896Oct 10 1899-
PORTER, David-June 15 1909
Aged 4 Yrs 6 Mos
REHBINE, John H.Dec 11, 1930Sept 17, 2001These two listings are both on the same stone under the same surname and are probably husband and wife
REHBINE, Iva D.April 17, 1929March 30, 1990-
RICHARDSON, ElizabethJuly? 5? 1893Feb 28 1917-
WICKBERG, Louis FredJune ? 1896Dec 3 1918-
WICKBERG, ChristinaOct 30 1834Sept 26 1919-


(L) Geo. Goodwin, Born Apr. 15, 1835, Died Aug. 11, 1905, Age 70 yrs
(R) Mary Porter, Died Mar. 10, 1901, Aged 68 yrs

Nancy Goodwin, Died Feb. 19, 1907, Age 59 yrs

NOTE: There was a weathered chart of the cemetery posted at the cemetery. There were names on the chart for whom there was no stone and there were many stones not included on the chart. There were areas of the cemetery where it was obvious a stone had sunken into the ground- especially at the borders of the cemetery near the farm field.