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Flisck, Thomas Sr. head male white 60 married 1861 Bohemia
Flisck, Mary wife female white 54 married - Bohemia
Flisck, Thomas Jr. son male white 32 single - Minnesota
Flisck, Jerry son male white 26 single - Minnesota
Flisck, Emmaual E. son male white 22 single - Minnesota
Flisck, Emely M. daughter female white 21 single - Minnesota
Flisck, Adiline A. daughter female white 18 single - Minnesota
McMellen, John R. head male white 32 married 1896 Canada
McMellen, Lillie M. wife female white 25 married - Minnesota
McMellen, Edward L. son male white 3 single - North Dakota
McMellen, Benard J. son male white 2 single - North Dakota
McMellen, Mildred E. daughter female white 7 mo. single - Minnesota
Hoss, John head male white 69 married 1893 Germany
Hoss, Emma wife female white 40 married - Ohio
Hoss, John Jr. son male white 17 single - Minnesota
Hoss, Josephine daughter female white 15 single - Minnesota
Hoss, Leo son male white 13 single - Minnesota
Hoss, Bennie son male white 12 single - Minnesota
Hoss, Frank son male white 9 single - Minnesota
Hoss, Agnes A. daughter female white 5 single - Minnesota
Hoss, Milo A. son male white 1 single - Minnesota
Bertek, Frank J. head male white 52 married 1887 Bohemia
Bertek, Mary wife female white 50 married - Minnesota
Bertek, Frank Jr. son male white 26 married - Minnesota
Bertek, James son male white 18 single - North Dakota
Bertek, Mary daughter-in-law female white 24 married - Minnesota
Bertek, Stanley grandson male white 10 mo. single - Minnesota
Bastyr, Wensil head male white 50 married - Minnesota
Bastyr, Mary A. wife female white 44 married - Minnesota
Bastyr, Joseph W. son male white 24 single - Minnesota
Bastyr, Jerry J. son male white 19 single - Minnesota
Bastyr, Winsil J. son male white 15 single - Minnesota
Bastyr, William L. son male white 13 single - Minnesota
Bastyr, Emil son male white 11 single - Minnesota
Bastyr, Cessilia J. daughter female white 5 single - Minnesota
Briskois, Felix head male white 26 married - Minnesota
Briskois, Alma R. wife female white 21 married - Minnesota
Briskois, Ora C. daughter female white 1 single - Minnesota
Keigan, Andrea L. head male white 53 single - Minnesota
Keigna, Mary K. sister female white 56 single - Minnesota
King, John head male white 66 married - New Jersey
King, Mary E. wife female white 57 married - Minnesota
King, John Jr. son male white 23 single - Minnesota
King, Timothy W. son male white 20 single - Minnesota
King, Daniel M. son male white 18 single - Minnesota

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